Jamey Barnard (b. 1958) makes bright, loose paintings, composed via improvisation, creative confidence, and meandering with a mission. He is a fan of flat, bold color and strong lines. He has no formal art training but has always painted and made things. 

Originally from Alton, Illinois, Barnard earned a Journalism degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He spent ten years post-college in Chicago, designing products for art museum shops, playing in various bands, and building things for theater productions. His artwork in the city focused on line drawings. He eventually met his wife Susan, who is also an artist, and they moved to Michigan.

They lived on a small, beautiful farm in northern Manistee County and grew flowers, vegetables and a family. Jamey continued to paint and make products for art museum shops. Inspired by trees, shapes of shadows, rural landscapes, and stars, his artistic focus shifted to color and form. His drawings and paintings are always loose, even if they are very detailed. 

Barnard now lives in Onekama, MI. He has works in many private collections, and continues to paint, draw, and make block prints. 

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